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Health Care

Research shows hope for dementia prevention; epidemic grows  (Kitsap Business Journal)

Pet therapy can help with healing, recovery (Kitsap Business Journal)

State insurance exchange is gearing up for 2013 launch (PDF; Kitsap Business Journal)

PSA controversy, a year later (Kitsap Business Journal)

Virtual care a growing trend (Kitsap Business Journal)

‘Meaningful use’ requirements add red tape for providers (Kitsap Business Journal)

Caregiving a big challenge for the ‘sandwich generation’ (Kitsap Business Journal)



Creating effective content to promote your business (Narrative Transport & Kitsap Business Journal; PDF)

Popularity of crowdfunding catches up to businesses (Kitsap Business Journal)

Local banks, credit unions keep pace with growing interest in mobile banking (Kitsap Business Journal)

Famous branding mistakes — and what you can learn from them (Kitsap Business Journal)

Avalara maintains ranking among fastest-growing tech companies (Kitsap Business Journal)

Streamlined sales tax — why the big deal (Kitsap Business Journal)

OfficeXpats creates a business hub for independents (Kitsap Business Journal)

Common mistakes in intellectual property misuse (Kitsap Business Journal)

Companies must use tech savvy to reach the millenial generation (Kitsap Business Journal)

Entrepreneurs use alternative funding to get started, expand (Kitsap Business Journal)


Technology & the Internet

Content marketing emerges as hottest new trend (Kitsap Business Journal)

Nigerian scammers take aim at business targets (Third Certainty)

BYOD trend gains momentum (Kitsap Business Journal)

Oh, behave! Debate over behavioral advertising heats up (Kitsap Business Journal)

The transmedia success of Angry Birds (Flip the Media)

Common mistakes in intellectual property misuse (PDF; Kitsap Business Journal)

BPA wraps up ‘demand response’ pilot projects (Kitsap Business Journal)

Companies big and small embrace responsive web design  (PDF; Kitsap Business Journal)

‘Best in show’: Remodeler YouTube videos (Remodeler)

Learn from social media success stories (Kitsap Business Journal)

Virtual currency Bitcoin has advantages, risks (Kitsap Business Journal)

What’s in your (digital) wallet? (Kitsap Business Journal)

Social media content: Who owns your ‘stuff’? (Kitsap Business Journal)


Profiles & Human Interest

Of journeys, miracles and angels (PDF; North Mason Life)

Laughing for no reason and loving it (PDF; North Mason Life)

Denali National Park ecotourism (

Keeping the promise to a beloved son (PDF; Port Orchard Life)

Mysteries, drama and laughter: A day in the life of a teacher (PDF; Key Peninsula News)



Proposed downtown building height increase in Gig Harbor stirs up emotions  (Kitsap Business Journal)

Crusading to defeat cancer  (PDF; North Mason Life)

Liquor store transition brings confusion, opportunities (PDF; Kitsap Business Journal)

Petition to label GMO foods left for voters’ decision (Kitsap Business Journal)

Legislators, environmental activists tackle product stewardship challenges (Kitsap Business Journal)



Scammers get creative in targeting seniors (Kitsap Business Journal)

Gift ideas out of this world (or close enough), 2010 edition (PDF; Kitsap Business Journal)

Gift ideas out of this world, 2011 edition (Kitsap Business Journal)

Gift ideas out of this world, the 2013 edition (Kitsap Business Journal)


Freelance journalist, writer, editor and multimedia producer Rodika Tollefson creates and plays near Seattle, Washington. She welcomes assignments from publication editors as well as work-for-hire from anyone who needs writing, editing, video or communications/media consulting work.

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